"More than a third of American adults hit the snooze button at least three times each morning, and more than half of people ages 25-34 press snooze daily."

There is an American market filled with chronically late individuals who need their morning hot coffee, but have no time to make or grab one from a coffee shop. As a result of rushing to get ready, they often miss out on their morning caffeine.


Cold brew cans and artisan coffee shops are popular right now in America. Canned hot coffee is widespread and popular in Japan; the category failed to take off in America despite attempts from investors and entrepreneurs because it was not positioned properly. There is an opportunity to capitalize on the emerging coffee in a can trend by launching a hot canned coffee that embraces the behavior of the consistently lazy and chronically late.


Time Waits For No One.

A product designed to give hot coffee as fast as technologically possible and innovate the means by which people can access it during their busy schedules. The initial launch will be in public spaces, with the eventual hope that it expands its presence in-home and on the road.



Three flavors: black coffee, sweetened coffee, and green tea.

A "push-to-close" feature controls unwanted spills on the go and retains the heat of the drink.

Vending Machines

People will be initially exposed to this product and brand in a number of public spaces– subways, offices, and universities. 


Fast pay technology ensures a quick purchase and works with the Rush app as well.

Rush App

Its function acts as a quick pay tool and order manager. One can save a flavor preference, maintain a balance, and locate a vending machine.

Digital Marketing 

Our target spends a lot of time in bed looking at Facebook and checking their email. Both of these platforms will be used to push the viewer to download our RUSH app and try our product.


Facebook Ads

Animations will be used for social media ads to catch the viewers eye along with simple and straightforward copy.

News In A Rush

A tongue in cheek approach to "brief" news services that aren't so brief. Three headlines of the day are given, geared to get you through your elevator conversation.

Home Heater

The Home Heater operates as a "hot fridge" that keeps cans warm for up to three months. There are two compartments to organize coffee or tea preferences. 

We want our target to see the heater as the kitchen-aid for their coffee.

Sleeve Heater

This is another option for our commuters who choose not to have a home heater or prefer on-the-go heating. It can be taken with them anywhere.

Simply place a can into the heater, click the power on, and have a heated coffee in moments.

Brand Partnership

Launching a brand new product and category is tricky. To help bring a sense of legitimacy and professionalism to the brand and product, we will be partnering with Amazon. Meaning they manage, store, and ship all of our items for one low cost. It gives us the ability to utilize Prime Now, Prime Shipping, and sell directly from their site. In return, Amazon gets exclusive distribution rights to a brand new product in the American market.


The site offers a quick look at the brand story, offerings, and ability to purchase products. The user is pushed to the Amazon page when ordering, streamling the process.