Bose Neuro 35

Music. Mood. Focus.


Science proves that music can greatly impact our physical and emotional state. The need to be productive is something we can all relate to, and when we listen to the right type of music it can improve our performance. 


Bose was the first to pioneer great sound quality in headphones, but they need move beyond just sound quality and creative a new musical experience. Advancements in neurotechnology and BCMI (brain computer music interfacing) are leading to more innovative experiences. The way in which we listen and interact with our music continues to change, and we're moving further away from physical interfaces.


Bio-personalization of music. 

A universal wireless headset with eeg sensors that can be paired with a number of devices and popular music streaming platforms. Using neurotechnology, the wireless headset acts as a middle man between a person's mood and his/her playlist(s).



Brainwave monitoring with eeg sensors read the user's current state and finds the right type of music to compliment it.


The headphones are able to sync with a number of devices and streaming music services, like Spotify and Pandora.

bose neuro_side12bose neuro_side12


Proof of Tech

Our team took a Melon Headband, hacked it to create a working prototype that exemplified one can indeed control music with their brain.

Concepting, Script Writing, Video Editing

Final Cut Pro, Illustrator (Additional tools used by partners– Objective C, Xcode, Melon Headband, C4D, Sketch, Principle)

Student work at VCU Brandcenter.
Recipient of AKQA's Cannes Future

Lions Award, 2017.