Imagine who you can be.


Barbie has been under criticism for promoting unrealistic beauty standards and portraying Barbie in stereotypical gender roles. It is no surprise that the term Barbie has become synonymous with "fake." The brand is having trouble overcoming this reputation in an age where millennial parents care about the message toys send to their children.


Young girls have a huge imagination. However, it’s not always easy to imagine what it’s like to be a certain career– especially those that are typically male dominated or look nothing like them. Barbie can help little girls imagine themselves be whatever they want in a realistic portrayal. Currently, there are two different lines, Career Dolls and Fashionista Dolls. One focuses on careers and the other on body types. They have yet to combine these two or have any customization available for our young Barbie lovers. 


Imagine who you can be. 

The creation of Just Like Me Dolls combines the Career Dolls and Fashionista Dolls, yielding a Barbie that can be customized to look just like its owner. Additionally, there is an AR experience that comes along with the doll allowing girls to explore and learn more about these careers. Imagine play with knowledge!

In-Store AR Experience

Found in retail stores, a Barbie mirror will be found on the end cap of aisles.

The mirror allows young girls to walk up and choose from an array of career options from the touchscreen. The interface seamlessly allows our user explore and see outfits appear on the mirror.

The In-Store Interface

Watch a quick video. A career is more than just an outfit, and exposure to a female who is in that profession can have a positive impact.

The final selection directs the customer to the closest in-store purchase. For a customized version, visit online with a promotional offer.

Website Customization

A Barbie can now be customized online to make her look more like its owner. "Just like me!"

First, choose a career. 

Next, personalize the doll to match its owner. 

The checkout page allows the user to view
the customized features and seamlessly purchase with PayPal.


The Barbie Just Like Me doll comes in a package with a DIY stand to hold your phone or tablet. It directs the user to download the Just Like Me app for an AR experience.


Now that the doll looks like its owner, parents can buy additional clothing packs for more career options.

Just Like Me App

Imagining what a career is like may be difficult for our little ones. The AR experience offers a storyline for their Barbie and provides scenes to put their doll in. This empowers them with knowledge about the career. The best of all worlds– imagine play, education, and technology!

The doll interacts with the front-facing camera. The emblem on her outfit activates the experience and creates the appropriate scene around her.

The user can follow along with each new chapter as Barbie moves throughout her career. These chapters address the longevity of an AR app without neglecting the physical doll and a child's imagination. 

For the younger ones who cannot read yet, there is an option to have the prompt read outloud to them.

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